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Nightmare of Logistics: 3 Tips to Manage Fleet Costs

How much fuel expense should you be incurring for your fleet of drivers? Big or small your fleet may need to be held accountable for spending, Bento for Business fleet cards are specifically used for that purpose. Let’s take a look at a few tips to manage fleet costs.


The Fleet Card: Tips to Manage Fleet Costs


Bento for Business Fleet Cards are a safe way for your employees to fill up on gas and cover expenses. Traditional fuel cards can only be used at participating service stations. With a Bento fuel card, your driver can fill up anywhere and if your driver breaks down and is on the road, with a click you can open that card to allow for lodging, food, and maintenance of the vehicle. The limits, vendor restrictions, and days of use are left to your discretion. You have total control, and can require that mileage is added at time of fueling through the use of our mobile app to reduce fraud. 


Tracking Each Vehicle: Tips to Manage Fleet Costs


Keep track of each vehicle cost by creating a card per vehicle irrespective of the driver to track and consolidate fuel and repair costs. The freedom to choose the way you want to track your costs is up to you. Whether by vehicle or by drive, the Bento Fleet Card can be used to track and control expenditures, when coupled with our mobile app and AI, you can capture receipts in real time. This feature eliminates the need for your accounting employees to track down your drivers for receipts, leaving them to focus on the more productive aspects of their job. The activity of the fleet cards can also be integrated into your accounting system such as Quickbooks for organization and efficiency.


Seasonal Business Surges: Tips to Manage Fleet Costs


You may have the occasion in your particular business to have a busy season which requires additional employees. If you have temporary or seasonal workers, the Bento for Business Fleet Card is the most convenient and efficient way to allow for controlled and category restricted purchases such as fuel, food, etc. You can allow for as much or as little restriction as you need for any given card. These parameters can be changed as needed with just one click! With the ability to view any purchase in real time and having control of expenditures, the fleet card takes the worry out of fraud and overspending. When the season or business surge comes to a close and your temporary employees leave the company, just cancel the card with a click.


With Bento for Business Fleet Cards you can take the worry out of unnecessary purchases, unauthorized purchases, and other types of fraud. The real time viewing of your employee spending gives you peace of mind and receipt capture alleviates the need to track down your drivers for paperwork. Let Bento work for you today, contact us for a comprehensive consultation today! 


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