Hub: Business debit cards

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Hub: Business Debit Cards What is a business debit card? People have increasingly turned to non-cash forms of payment, including paying with debit cards, in the last couple of decades. According to Nasdaq, debit card payments dramatically increased from 8.3 billion payments in 2000 to 47 billion payments in 2012. At the end of March […]

Hub: Construction credit cards and construction debit cards

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What is a construction card? A construction card is a type of debit or credit card that is designed for construction businesses. Employees can use the cards to buy needed supplies or to pay invoices in the same way that they make purchases with other types of credit or debit cards. The construction industry in […]

Hub: Business credit cards

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What is a business credit card? Credit cards for business are credit cards that are meant for business use instead of for general purpose consumer spending. Businesses can use business credit cards to build their credit and obtain higher scores so that they can obtain better credit in the future. An alternative to business credit […]

Cards for nonprofit organizations

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Non-profit organizations play an important role in society. These are charitable companies that are focused on advancing social causes, caring for people who are less fortunate, and other noble causes. By contrast, for-profit companies are businesses that work to make profits. Non profit organizations also need to make purchases in order to get their jobs […]

Hub: Fraud

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Business owners have many things to worry about while they are running their businesses. One potential issue that should not be overlooked is the potential of a business to fall victim to fraud. Fraud strikes businesses of all sizes, and it can be perpetrated by people from within an organization or from outside of it. […]

Hub: Small business card

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Small Business Cards And How They Work For Expense Management For small businesses today, being in business often requires businesses to accept and to use credit and debit cards. The payment landscape is changing as cards are threatening an end to checks and cash. In 1995, for example, checks were used for nearly 60 percent […]

Hub: Questions and Answers

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Credit and debit cards have transformed the payments landscape in the U.S. for both consumers and businesses. In 2016, for example, credit card and debit card payments surpassed the use of cash for the first time, accounting for $23.1 trillion in consumer spending. Businesses owners have also turned to plastic for payments. In one study […]

Hub: Company cards

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In the U.S., people have increasingly turned away from cash and checks in favor of credit and debit cards for purchases. While businesses have been slower to catch up, they are now also embracing credit and debit cards as a preferred payment method. There is an average of $4,878 of credit card debt for every […]

Hub: Accounting cards

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Accounting trends and tools are transforming the industry. A couple examples are accounting debit cards and accounting credit cards. By 2026, accounting software is expected to reach a global value of $11.8 billion. Many accounting processes, including payroll, tax preparation, audits, and banking are expected to be fully automated by 2020. This automation will not […]

Hub: Expense Management

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Major trends on expense management For businesses, how they manage their employee expenses can be a determining factor for whether they will succeed or fail. Expense management encompasses all of the different processes and policies that companies have in place to control, manage, and track expenses. Without strong policies and procedures, like employee cards, the […]

Hub: Business Visa cards

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Visa cards are among the four major types of credit and debit cards in the U.S. Nasdaq reports that there were 278 million Visa cards in the U.S. and 522 million in the rest of the world. Visa cards are popular for both businesses and consumers because of the security that they offer and because […]

Hub: Virtual card API

How A Virtual Card API Can Help Your Business What is a virtual card API? A virtual card API is a type of application programming interface that developers can integrate with your software programs so that you can generate and manage virtual credit or debit card numbers. These are randomly generated card numbers and CVV […]