Controlling Spending With a Prepaid Debit Card and Business Bank Account

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If you own a small business, keeping track of all of your business expenditures is vital. A prepaid debit card program is a great way to do that. It lets you determine not only who can spend money, but also how much, when, and where they can spend it.  Bento for Business’s prepaid debit card […]

Is a Reloadable Company Card Safe for Business?

As a business owner, naturally you want to protect your company finances. Certainly, you have seen many stories about hacking, fraud, and other risks to your company’s money. You know you face risks to your funds both from the inside and the outside of your business. The good news is that a reloadable company card […]

How to Find the Best Debit Card

When you are searching for a debit card for your small business, you want one that is flexible, offers low transaction and setup fees yet provides you with the records you need to keep track of your company expenses. Bento for Business offers a debit card that has been ranked as one of the best […]

What Types of Fraud Can You Control?

As a small business owner, you probably have plenty of things to deal with without having to worry about fraud. One of the hardest types of fraud to deal with is that which originates from your own employees. Nobody wants to hire employees, offer them careers, trust them to help build a company, and then […]

What’s Better Than a Secure Credit Card for Employee Expenses?

A secure credit card offers you one way to manage employee expenses. Certainly, your people will find them easy to use if they need to make work-related purchases when you send them out to do their jobs. On the other hand, credit cards aren’t the right choice for every business. For one thing, your business […]

What’s the best prepaid card for employees?

You can find a lot of information about the advantages that prepaid expense cards offer to business owners who need to manage employee purchases. For example, a prepaid business card for employees offers you a convenient way to empower workers to make purchases. At the same time, employees can’t use their prepaid business card at […]

How prepaid bank cards can offer business flexibility

Small business owners wear many hats. Among their many tasks, business owners often struggle to keep their companies’ spending under control. Business expenses may balloon, leading some businesses to fail. In addition to business expense management, business owners also need to have flexible spending options beyond the traditional purchasing methods of authorizing and signing checks. […]

How P-Cards Can Help Your Business Purchasing

In order to make purchasing easier, many businesses are forgoing the traditional purchasing process and instead issuing P cards to their employees. Let us explain a bit more what a P-Card is. P cards, which are also known as procurement cards, are cards that can be used by your employees to make certain types of […]

How to find the best fuel cards for your business

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles for your company or just a few cars, having fuel cards for your employees can be much easier than dealing with reimbursement forms. When you are trying to find gas cards for your company, you might want to consider the business Visa debit cards from Bento for Business. […]

The benefits of fleet cards for small business fleet management

If your business owns a fleet of vehicles that your employees must drive as part of their jobs, you might be searching for the right fleet card to give to your employees. Fleet cards allow workers to purchase fuel and make needed vehicle repairs while they are out on the road. Traditional fleet cards may […]

Do you need credit cards for small business?

Most business owners find that having credit cards for small business makes running their companies much easier. When you own your own business, you will need to make purchases of supplies, gas and other items that your company needs to keep running. Having credit cards for small business can allow your employees to make the […]

Finding the best credit card companies for small businesses

Most small business owners want to be able to get credit cards for their businesses so that they can enjoy increased flexibility for their purchases. Credit card companies may deny new businesses that have not been open for long periods of time. They might also deny business owners who have problematic credit histories. If you […]

Corporate cards: Their advantages and disadvantages

Small business owners may benefit from using business credit cards in multiple ways. When you have corporate cards, you can enjoy greater flexibility with your business spending while also making record-keeping much easier. With corporate cards, you can give your employees the ability to make purchases when they need to do so without having to […]

Company credit cards vs business debit cards

Company Credit Cards Versus Business Debit Cards Company credit cards can make it much easier for you and your employees to conduct business. When you have cards that you can give to your employees, they can use them to purchase the things that your business needs without having to submit request forms, have checks signed […]

The role of certified fraud examiners

Unfortunately, many businesses are targets for employee thefts, embezzlements and online fraud, resulting in substantial losses. Some thefts continue on for years before they are discovered. Business owners who suspect that thefts are happening may hire certified fraud examiners. These professionals analyze the business documents and computer equipment to find evidence of fraud. Their work […]