Business Prepaid Debit Cards for Employees

If your business relies upon empowering your people to make purchases when you’re not around to manage them, you should consider obtaining business prepaid debit cards for employees. If your drivers are on the road or your salespeople are in the field, they may need to purchase fuel, supplies, or even meals. You will have […]

Why Choose Prepaid Cards for Employees?

Controlling employee expenses is always a challenge, and considering expense reimbursement fraud accounts for annual median losses of at least $26,000, it could be seriously impacting your business’ financial well-being. Even if you have full trust in your employees, the simple truth is that expense and accounting fraud can happen to any business. In fact, […]

5 Reasons You Need Prepaid Credit Cards for Business

1. You need data breach protection Debit cards that are linked to major checking accounts aren’t safe. If they get into the wrong hands, your accounts can be misused. Plus, checks or automatic payments that haven’t cleared may bounce if a thief withdraws your money. According to, prepaid credit cards for business use can […]

The Advantages of Small Business Fuel Cards

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Keeping a handle on small  business expenses can be difficult. It is easy for the costs to climb, leading some savvy business owners to look for ways to control spending and manage expenses. If your business has a fleet of drivers, you need to give them the ability to purchase gas while they are traveling for […]

Get the Best Prepaid Gas Card from Bento for Business

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Bento for Business offers an expense management program based on Visa debit cards. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. One of the most popular uses is fleet management. Our debit cards turn out to be the best prepaid gas card for small businesses. Managers can limit spending to fuel pumps only […]

How a Debit Card for Business Helps You to Manage Expenses

Small business owners walk a tightrope between giving their employees access to the business funds that they need while also trying to keep the expenses under control. Traditionally, businesses have used spending mechanisms such as business checks, wire transfers, credit cards and petty cash so that their employees can make purchases when they need to […]

What to Look for in the Best Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Employee expense reports can be time-consuming, confusing and filled with errors. As a small business owner, you want to trust your staff when they must use a company credit card, but trying to control what they spend when they are using company money can be frustrating. This is why a reloadable business card is a […]

Switching to Prepaid Debit Cards for Business Expenses

Controlling and limiting the expenses of your small business can be difficult. Business expense management is vital for your business’s success, but it may be hard to keep your expenses from spiraling out of control. Prepaid cards for business expenses may help you to control all of the expenditures that your employees make for your […]

How Employee Expense Cards Save You Money

Business expense management is one of the primary concerns of most small business owners. Money must be spent on many different things during any business day in order to keep the company running smoothly. These costs can quickly grow, hurting your bottom line and reducing your profits. Unfortunately, businesses are often the victims of employee […]

Finding the Best Prepaid Gas Card for Your Business

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According to the experts at Fleet Financials, lowering indirect costs is integral to controlling what you spend on fleet operations. Most managers know they should spend wisely for administrative purchases and support systems. You can simplify fleet management and save time and money with a prepaid gas card program. You get great flexibility with a […]

How Company Debit Cards Make a Difference

New business owners need the flexibility to spend money at many different places so that they can keep their businesses running smoothly. While it takes spending money to make money, it is also important for business owners to institute tight controls so that their business expenses do not balloon. Company debit cards at Bento for […]

How Corporate Prepaid Cards Help Prevent Fraud

What’s the best way for business owners to empower employees to make purchases? Employees might need an efficient and convenient way to buy fuel, supplies, or even entertain clients. At the same time, business owners need to make sure that employees only buy what they actually need to perform their jobs when they spend company […]