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How to Do Small Business Payroll

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Hiring employees is exciting. It means you’ve learned how to successfully start a small business, and now your company is growing. Hiring employees also means you have new employer responsibilities. Not only do you have to manage workers, but you also have to start running payroll. Kaylee Riley from Patriot Software, LLC. wrote this helpful post on how to do small business payroll. Read on! Setting Up Payroll Before you can run payroll, you have to collect…

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Bento for Business gets two software awards from FinancesOnline

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We’re happy to announce that Bento for Business scored big in a recent analysis by trusted B2B directory Reviewers gave their double thumbs up, scoring us an 8.0 out of 10 with a user satisfaction rating of 94%. They noted how our prepaid cards and expense management platform make it easy for business owners to control employee spending, prevent cash leaks, trim down operational costs, and make expense management more transparent. Additionally, we received the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award in FinancesOnline’s best expenses management software category. Experts…

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Accounting Professionals: Don’t Miss These Upcoming Conferences

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Thanks to the technological revolutions over the recent years, the accounting industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in processes and practices. Whether you’re a professional bookkeeper, accountant, CPA executive or business finance professional, you should upgrade your professional skills throughout your career to sustain growth and avoid stagnation. These days, that often includes keeping your accounting technology relevant and effective. Attending popular accounting conferences is not only a great way to network and get the…

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To Catch a Thief (No, Not an Employee)…With Bento

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Getting More Than You Bargained For Kevin signed up for Bento because he recognized that there had to be a better way to control employee spending, but what he experienced thwarting a thief surprised even himself in the power of the new business prepaid cards. The Boston Area Door Company (BADCO) installs commercial garage doors in and around the Boston area.  Owner, Kevin Pearce, manages a team of 5 installers who need fuel to power…

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Top 5 Small Business Accounting Software Choices

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There are a myriad of accounting tools available on the market, with various features and benefits. However, some of them stand out due to their advanced features, ease of use, reliability and utility. Here are our current top five small business accounting software choices. 1. Fresh Books: highly rated by its users, this tool offers everything you need, from unlimited invoicing and bill management to multi-currency billing and mobile apps. 2. QuickBooks: the first name…

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3 Ways to Get a Small Business Loan

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Business Loan Application Form It may be harder to get a small business loan since the 2008 financial crash, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To keep the economy running like a well-oiled machine and keep the American people employed, small businesses need to be able to thrive. Since 1995, small businesses have generated over 65 percent of new jobs in the US and today they employ over 50 percent of the working population. With…

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Why Is It So Hard to Get a Small Business Loan?

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The big gripe for small business owners nowadays is how difficult it is to get a small business loan. The days of community banks lending their neighbors a hand have been replaced by the skittish attitudes of big banks post-recession. But why, exactly are banks so timid about lending to small businesses? It basically boils down to three things: 1. It’s not cost-effective for banks Beyond the fact that small businesses are riskier than established…

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Is Your Current Expense Management System Allowing Employee Theft? Probably.

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Top Expense Management Problems & One Solution As a business owner, cash flow is always top of mind. You set rules and processes in place to ensure that every dime that comes in and out is accounted for – yet somehow cash still slips through the cracks. A significant amount of this leakage is due to intentional or unintentional employee theft, and it adds up to $50 billion per year for businesses in the US….

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Filing Taxes for 2015

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2015 Small Business Tax Planning Tips With 2015 coming to a close, it’s never too early to start thinking about filing taxes for the tax year 2015/2016. When next April comes around, you want to be completely up-to-date with the relevant legislations, rules and reforms that might have an impact on your business. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some of the relevant changes for tax time 2016. Change to IRS Standard Mileage…

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Your Year End Business Housekeeping Checklist

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As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time for small business owners to take stock and do some business housekeeping. Your business is likely preparing to wind down for the holiday break, so with a little planning now, you can get everything sorted out and not worry about what you’re coming back to in the new year! Here’s a checklist of things to do before the year finishes: Stay current –…

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