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How Can Bento Work For You?

Dave – Business Owner

Manages company with 8 employees

Gus – Supervisor

Can spend up to $5000/month whenever he needs to

Sara – Sales

Can spend $1,500/week on travel and entertainment only

Charles – Bookkeeper

Can view and set controls but has no card

Gas Card

Can be used at fuel pumps and for auto expenses, up to $200 daily

Bento Adapts To Any Business


Joe runs a small regional commercial construction company and gives each of his employees Bento cards. Since his spending needs change project to project, he uses Bento’s one-click controls to instantly let employees make purchases where and when they need to. Joe no longer has to hand over cash or his own credit card, and can manage his project budgets on the go.


Sophia uses Bento for her corporate event planning business. She sets a budget and creates cards for each individual event, letting her keep a close eye on expenditures. She also keeps a dedicated multi-use Bento card available for common petty cash expenses, eliminating the need to carry cash and automatically creating a detailed paper trail.


Antonio uses Bento within his transportation business by allocating a single card to each truck driver for fuel and vehicle expenses. Bento greatly simplifies his year-end tax reporting and integrates with his accounting software for easy expense reconciliation. Antonio, his clients, and his accountant all appreciate the saved time.

Ravi and Rachael

Ravi and Rachael’s startup just got funded. But with 6 employees and 30 occasional freelancers, managing budgets is a nightmare. So, they give everyone a Bento card. Employee budgets (for lunches, purchases, etc.) are automatically set on each card. And they can turn each freelancer’s card on or off with different spend limits as needed all with a simple click. No more expense reports or management headaches.


Up to 2 Cards/Admins


TEAMMost Popular

Up to 10 Cards/Admins

$29 / month


Up to 20 Cards/Admins

$69 / month


$ More than 20 Cards/Admins

$149 / month

​Need more than 20 cards? Call Bento to learn how you can get Bento for your large team for FREE at 866-220-8455 today!

You don’t need to pick a plan now but can select from the above plans once your free trial is over.

Plan pricing is in total; not per card. Cancel anytime for any reason. No commitment. No risk. No hidden fees.

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